Your Yearly Check-In...What's Different? What's the Same?

What’s old and what’s new? Get reflective with a summer mid-year check in….

What’s old and what’s new? Get reflective with a summer mid-year check in….

We’re six months into the year, a good time for a self-reflective check-in that doesn’t revolve around making abrupt resolutions. I also find summer is a good time to adjust and make course corrections to goals and circumstances that you can implement now or in the next six months with more ease. Also, you may agree that’s it’s much easier to harness the naturally more extroverted energy of summer to make changes and put thoughts and ideas into action.

Here’s your task: Get some paper or a journal and write two lists.

  1. What’s Different in my life from one year ago?

  2. What’s the Same in my life from one year ago?

Try to get as detailed as possible and try not to put any judgements on the facts yet. It’s easy to overlook small changes and forward progress we’ve made happen that were positive because we often expect huge leaps forward. Just take an inventory of where you are at in an honest way, not ignoring the small stuff.

As you are making your lists, you will notice emotions coming up. You can put a star next to the items that bring strong emotions. Sometimes your life in “same” list territory is a blessing. Other times writing something on the “same” list feels like a land mine of frustration or despair. If there is something that feels heavy or negative, put a star next to the item. There may be some grieving or change-work that needs to be done and this can help you prioritize. If the work involves change - perhaps the same items have been on your “same” list for too long and they need your undivided attention now before they move to “stuck”.

If you’re trying to move from Same to Different in an area - you can ask yourself…Where is there already momentum in this area? What next step can I take to move forward- even a small amount? If something in your life has changed for the better, congratulate yourself on the work you did to make that come to fruition. While lucky breaks do happen, it’s more often that it’s a result of taking agency or risks in our lives that makes the difference. Take time to really notice your part in the process of positive change as you continue to move forward on your path. As you complete your lists, feel free to shoot me a message if have any questions or want to dive deeper into any area of your life to make some positive change!



Impermanence / The waking up

Impermanence / The waking up

It’s starting to happen: the waking up. It happens when you really, truly know how temporary everything in your life is. How life as you know it can change in a flash. When this happens, suddenly nothing can be taken for granted ever again. Magic is everywhere, and the path to joy and happiness is readily accessible.

The waking up to impermanence can happen on your own over time with wisdom and quiet reflection, a guide (such as a friend, lover or child or even a pet) may enter your life and wake you up, or a life altering event may happen that jolts this truth into your blood, bones and breath….

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