Impermanence / The waking up

It’s starting to happen: the waking up. It happens when you really, truly know how temporary everything in your life is. How life as you know it can change in a flash. When this happens, suddenly nothing can be taken for granted ever again. Magic is everywhere, and the path to joy and happiness is readily accessible.

The waking up to impermanence can happen on your own over time with wisdom and quiet reflection, a guide (such as a friend, lover or child or even a pet) may enter your life and wake you up, or a life altering event may happen that jolts this truth into your blood, bones and breath.

Living on this edge of impermanence is not easy, but if/when it happens, you are never the same again.

A lot of our time is spent in a state of blissful boredom, engaged in what we see as the banal activities and procedures of life: commuting, washing the dishes, clicking through apps on our phones, flipping through tv, working, moving our cars, spending time and money in an attempt to fill up the VOID - all the while, living in an uncomfortable state of longing for more of something.... not fully yet able to take in that the more we are seeking is already here and HERE and here. The true joy of Life and sustainable happiness is not in all the thrilling peak moments of ecstasy that send us to blissful highs (though these are important, too, as clues on our paths to our higher purpose). But those peak experiences and moments will always come and pass.

A truly meaningful life and real happiness lives in how attuned and open you can be to a sense of AWE and wonder and a simple appreciation within the mundane moments and days of your life. It’s what happens and how you see things - and continually choose to see and remind yourself of life after the new glow has worn off.

Experiencing deep love and a life of fullness is all in the awareness of the details...the way your lover’s hair feels in your hands. The curve of her lips like no other’s. The smell of your child’s head. The feel of soft rain on your face. The sound of running water as you fill up your glass. The snap of fresh sheets as you make your bed. The juice running down your chin from the most perfect peach.

It’s in the altering state of skillfully tuning your eyes and heart into the magical, the wondrous, the amazing, that’s all right here already - it doesn’t need to be chased after. Life awakens when you are slammed with the terrifying truth that all that you love with all of your child-heart and adult-heart may really go away at any moment. 

So it’s all happening NOW. It’s okay to go in and out of this state of realizing nothing is permanent, we all must do it so we don’t die of anxiety.

But if you’ve awoken, please use your gift. Spread it. Remind others and share with others the gift to truly see, to feel, sense, smell, touch and taste the power and beauty of everyday moments. Living within the awe and appreciation of each moment unfolding gives the gift of what it is to be electrically alive, it opens us up to love even more deeply and shows us what it is to be the fragile but incredibly beautiful humans we all are for this short, short time together.