“Supreme listener who gives me the safe space to speak”

I started working with Stephanie in the summer of 2016, when I badly needed better work-life balance. With Stephanie’s coaching, I was able to gain a clear perspective on my priorities, my strengths, and my desires to quickly reprioritize, draw firmer boundaries, and assert my needs. Since my initial catalyst for working with Stephanie, over the past year, I have gotten her valuable support in working through health concerns, interpersonal relationships, and beyond. Stephanie empowers me to give myself the answers, asking guiding questions that are often uncannily perceptive. One of her many skills is that she reflects my own strengths back to me, and I always end my sessions feeling empowered. I appreciate Stephanie’s highly tailored approach to coaching, which for me integrates a check-in, guided meditation, mindful breathing, body scans, depending on the week and what I need. She has been instrumental in helping me listen more to my heart and my gut, away from the clamor of my head. She is a supreme listener who gives me the safe space to speak, but who also gently challenges me when I might challenge my own assumptions and “blockages.” Stephanie is a true coach in every sense of the word, and I feel so fortunate to have met her.

— Lisa, Brooklyn - NY

“Excellent at helping me find new ways to look at things”

Stephanie helped me through a huge transition as I went from one relationship into another. At the time I was fraught with such conflicting feelings about everything. She helped me focus on my path. She reminded me of my strengths and pushed me to find new solutions when I felt stuck. I am so grateful to her for her energy and her intuition. Stephanie is excellent at helping me find new ways to look at things. When I feel stuck on an idea or am weighing myself down with self-doubt, she is great at reminding me of my strengths and guiding me through, or out, of the negative thoughts. Stephanie has an uncanny ability to pick up on my energy so quickly. She hears subtle changes in my voice and my breath and asks me all of the hard questions I want to be asked. After each session with her I feel rejuvenated and motivated, ready to tackle or fly with my day.

— Heather, Seattle - WA

"Stephanie asks me questions that move my life forward in significant ways. She cheers me on when I have breakthroughs and victories. She challenges me in places where I’m stuck or have settled for limitations. Stephanie is the kind of person you want to have in your corner when you are ready to make big shifts and summon big magic into your life."

— Eleanor,  Brooklyn - NY

“Her intuition and guidance helped steer me through my transition”

Steph sees me as whole and sees the wider picture. I came to her in a time of great agitation and change in my life. She patiently led me to what was obvious to her and what I had hidden from myself. I was on the verge of one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life and she was the first one to see it. Her intuition and guidance helped steer me through my transition and helped me come to terms with the deepest fears of my life.

— Josh, Brooklyn - NY

“Her guidance helped my choices that affected my overall well being”

My time with Stephanie helped shape me as a young adult. In a time that I was stressed out about my degree, career, relationships and diet her guidance helped my choices that affected my overall well being. To this day I can recognize and organize my lifestyle in times of stress, or general busyness, and now am able to resolve them in a meditative manner. As opposed to channeling my frustrations of my surroundings through food and quick fixes... I now take what I’ve learned from her coaching and grown on it more each day.

— Sally, Brooklyn - NY

"Working with Stephanie has helped me immensely in my personal life and my professional life. I've been able to break through some of the blockages in my creative process, and I've learned a whole new way of approaching obstacles. She has taught me not to limit myself, or be restrained by various shackles keeping me from being the person I know I can be, but to aim high, to have no fear around changing, growing and evolving. My work and my spiritual life has benefitted largely due to the time I’ve had with Stephanie."

— Patrick, Los Angeles - CA

“She can expose contradictions, energize you, and hold you accountable”

I have been slammed with an over-active family life and career for over a decade. When I run too fast, I find it hard to reflect and find the answers to my hard personal growth questions. Stephanie helps me do this. She can expose contradictions, energize you, and hold you accountable. This is not career counseling and it’s not therapy, it’s an engaging whole person exploration geared at driving you to a better you. Stephanie is inspirational and the service she provides is indeed transformational.

— Kristina, Brooklyn - NY