Patterns and bridges

What are these endless loops we find ourselves in? We can stay stuck in the past and all we see and feel is the damage done in childhood, or traumas we have survived, carrying those threads with us, that tattered sweater we can’t part with.

To let go of any painful pattern means taking a novel approach. We often can’t even imagine the other possibilities and they seem too terrifying even if we can can see another way. The bridge is always there. We leave behind the past as we cross and over that empty space in the uncertainty of the present. It goes quickly and soon enough we find ourselves on the other side....we have gone somewhere. The in between, when we’re in the middle of that bridge, is the most beautiful. The trick is to really be in the suspension. Too much looking back or focusing on getting off the bridge makes us miss the unexpected beauty and thrill of that ride of the in-between.