Changing our lives and world starting with our self talk

What's the usual dialog going on inside your head? Chances are, most of it is not up-lifting. When we start the slow sink, we also have the power to bring others down with us, or we unravel silently inside while putting on a good face and then get sick, or have physical manifestations of our self hatred that are lodged deeply in our bodies and energetic centers. Our relationships suffer. Our love lives can't flourish because we are spending so much time in triage, trying to dig ourselves out of ourselves.

Most of us have varying degrees of unkind daily thoughts towards ourselves that can begin to sabotage our lives. It can become nearly impossible to keep our energy up so we resort to more caffeine, sugar, sex -fill in your energy drug of choice - that usually also serves as a pain killer of sorts.

This is the heaviest daily load to bear. Sometimes it just feels unstoppable. We put the brakes on our forward progress when the negative, nagging voices start to take over and they usually get louder when we are trying to break out and do something new, something that would take a shit ton of courage, effort and confidence in ourselves.

Mine get louder when I threaten to become more visible in the world with my work, artistic expression, art and business.

It's way easier to hang back, hide and quietly criticize ourselves (as well as others). We can begin to lift ourselves up and others around us not by trying to banish the voices, but by integrating and understanding them. 


First, ask yourself.....What is behind the fear?  

Second part, Look one level under the fear, Ask yourself .......what is it that I am needing?

It may be that you really ARE afraid of failing at your new project that you have poured all of your time and energy into, so you spiral into a negative thought pattern where you tell yourself (fill in the blank) I _______, _____________, ______________.

If that voice gets going stronger when you connect with the fear, you can acknowledge the fear and then ask yourself gently "what am I needing here?" Getting to the bottom of the need can stop the negative self talk right in its tracks. You may feel a softening in your body, especially at your heart. You may have a deep emotional release. Let it connect you back to your purpose, heart and to love.

To more growth, love, and deep connection....