The awakening


When something feels wrong or you feel in conflict with an inner knowing deep inside you,

Who are you being loyal to when you….

Hear a voice inside that tells you what you “should” be doing with your life, what kind of job or work you “should” be doing, what kind of romantic partner you “should” be with….the list of “shoulds” goes on and on...

These voices are probably not your own, though at one point in time they were most likely an integral part to helping you feel safe and comfortable if your life, making sure you made decisions so that you felt accepted, fit in, had a place of belonging and were seen as valued and had the approval of another (or others) important to your very survival, whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical.

Now what? Something isn’t working. At all. Maybe you feel stuck. More than that...trapped. Feeling like you are suffocating on past choices that you feel like you made that were really not even your own. Thinking...who’s life is this now, anyway? You know there is More.

The waking up is happening. It can be terrifying. What you once thought was your reality, even if uncomfortable, is now unraveling whether you like it or not. And if the signals in your brain aren’t enough, your body is most likely giving you the message loud and clear as well….

insomnia….chronic illnesses….headaches....back pain….

confusion….anxiety…. depression...addictions....

Left unattended, ignoring or trying to dull the pain and discomfort of the awakening and internal agitation brewing can lead to other problems and the cycle can seem unending. Despair, loss of hope, worry, and defeatism feel like the norm. So much so, that barely stepping out of it can feel like an impossibility. Every goal or dream seems further and further out of reach while you watch others (seemingly without struggle) get everything they need and want while you are left watching and waiting for your life to begin or change.

An outside event as drastic as a death or trauma may have jolted you from your sleeping wake state or it could be a slow building process where years have gone by and feeling like you are made of sand and any of life’s waves are eroding every part of your soul bit by bit.

If it sounds dramatic, it’s because it IS. It IS dramatic. Because this is YOUR LIFE. You choose what you do with it. Every. Single. Day.

If this feels like a weight of responsibility, I challenge you to shift that into an energy surge of truly feeling your POWER.

How will you spend your time? How will you share your light?

Where you put your energy G R O W S something…

So... you can grow more anxiety, more worry, more depression, more fear.

OR you can step into your awesomeness. Little by little. Day by day.

I believe we all are powerful, creative and resourceful forces of energy that are here to soar.

Your unique gifts are needed. Rediscover or discover for the first time the true meaning in your life.

Step into your purpose. Start the journey now…