Life very rarely takes us in a straight line to our goals and desires or follows the internal storyline we expected. Along the way we can get stuck, lost or let long held negative belief patterns, inner critics and disowned shadow parts of ourselves start running our lives. I specialize in holistic transformational coaching combined with personalized yoga instruction that works to help guide clients into alignment - body, heart and spirit.

I help you reconnect with your power, passion and purpose

I support you to reach life and wellness goals you never thought possible

I help call out your authentic self so you can

live more fully with freedom and ease


Your Hidden Power: 6 Month Program


What is Included?

  • Four 60 minute sessions per month

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Handouts and worksheets to keep momentum

  • Detailed notes and assignments/recommendations

  • Weekly Accountability!

Expect to come out of each session with more energy, clarity about your next steps to reach your goals, feeling empowered, more free in your body and mind and connected to your higher purpose.

Group Coaching: Pathway to Healing

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What’s Group Coaching?

I coach and moderate a lower fee small group by phone once per month on an ongoing basis. Topics rotate and groups are intentionally small (no more than six participants) so that each person has ample time to be coached.

Group coaching is a powerful way to build community, share, heal and grow within a safe space. Something magical and empowering happens when we witness each other’s experiences and stories.

Please click the button below for updated topics, times, dates and information to sign-up.

Clarity and Purpose: 3 Month Program


What is included?

  • Two 60 minute sessions per month

  • One GET CLEAR goal setting Query followed by three in depth email responses per week

  • Worksheets and handouts

  • Weekly accountability

  • Detailed weekly assignments and recommendations

This is an abbreviated version of the SIX MONTH PROGRAM. You may start out with the three month program and add on as you go.

“Steph has been instrumental in helping me listen more to my heart and my gut, away from the clamor of my head.”