What can I expect from the six month coaching program? 

In six months, we co-create a coaching relationship to confront the fears and inner obstacles holding you back from change and growth. Have you been putting your own needs last and can’t even put into words what you really need or what lights you up from the inside? Maybe your eating habits, food choices and ways you take care of yourself have slowly drifted off high priority while you care for others or a demanding career. Your physical, emotional and spiritual energy and health may suffer day after day leaving you with the sinking feeling…how did I get here and where do I go now?

If any of these sound familiar you’re in the right place! This program is a good fit for you if you work better with private coaching and mentoring rather than a self-study or email course. Our coaching work is present and future focused, so rather than going over events and stories in the past, we gain traction by working in the present. To begin, we will work with empowering questions that are creative, fun and designed to bring clarity, reveal openings for change, and start up movement and momentum in your life where you’ve been stuck. In our sessions I’m always looking and listening for the opportunities to bring the power of your authentic self to the forefront. Get clarity about what you really want, what matters most to you and then we chart your path to get there with planning and goal-setting using both a creative and systematic approach. Your success and feeling good in your own skin, lit up from the inside out to then share that energy with the world is my mission! Expect to be gently challenged, championed, seen and heard.

Here’s where we dive in:

  • We work on uncovering your core needs and values which helps connect you to your power- revealing the most important things to you that guide your life, purpose and goals. (If you are out of alignment with these, you are most likely feeling STUCK or UNFULFILLED!)

  • Shadow work which includes inner dialog work to help integrate and quiet down your inner critic so you can experience freedom from self sabotaging behaviors and thought patterns.

  • Future visioning and SMART Goal-setting (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound)

  • Body-mind visualization exercises for stimulating your intuition and connecting to your body’s innate power and natural healing.

  • Envisioning exercises that are fun and use your creativity to expand the edges of your perceived current possibilities and perspectives.

  • Self care and nutrition recommendations to help you reach your goals - diet and self care are usually the first to slide when we are making changes in our lives. Health & Nutrition coaching ensures you have the ENERGY to make the changes you want in your life.

  • Tackling Tolerations. Slowly weed out the stuff that weighs you down and is draining your emotional, physical and spiritual energy. Feel the relief, excitement and satisfaction when you stop tolerating the one or many things you need to say NO to in your life.

  • Challenges and requests from me, your coach, to help you go farther than you could go alone.

  • Accountability. Every. Single. Session. I am always following up with you to see how you are making progress or what is getting in the way of you reaching your goals.

  • *PRIVATE YOGA- (In person option only): Personalized yoga to fit your experience level. Deepen your practice or if you are new to yoga this is a great way to start! Get fit and find new freedom of movement in your body AND your life while you build confidence, strength, awareness and alignment.

What is Included?

  • Four one hour* sessions per month by phone or in person

  • Unlimited email support between sessions

  • Handouts and worksheets to keep momentum going

  • Detailed notes and assignments/recommendations

  • Weekly Accountability!

  • Private yoga instruction *(in person sessions only)

    *In person sessions including yoga instruction are 1.5 hours per session

    Expect to come out of each session with more energy, clarity about your next steps to reach your goals, feeling empowered, more free in your body and mind and connected to your higher purpose.

    This is a premium coaching service with one-to-one coaching. Rather than examining flaws, mistakes or what is wrong, I coach with the fundamental belief that we all are essentially whole, resourceful and possess the power to change our lives.

Curious to find out more? Have questions? I offer a sample session by phone so you can get a real feel of the power of transformational coaching. Not all coaching is the same. The coaching I practice is a unique blending of heart and spirit centered transformational life coaching and holistic health coaching. I am trained in the YogaWorks methodology and style of yoga which focuses on alignment, strength and body awareness.

In person sessions are by appointment in the Brooklyn, NY area. 

Please contact me here to find out about pricing options and to set up a complimentary 30 minute sample session.