Finding Clarity & Purpose - 3 Month Program by Email and Phone

This is an abbreviated version of the SIX MONTH PROGRAM. You may start out with the three month program and add on as you go.

Email and phone sessions address the whole person and aim to go deep, where true transformation and healing begins. Writing is a powerful tool for coaching which is used primarily in this program. Writing assignments, including personal narrative work, dialoging, and writing to activate your intuition are a few examples of models I use to help unlock blocks, find clarity about a situation or problem and connect you to your unique purpose.

What’s included in this program?

  • Two 50 minute Phone or Zoom session per month

  • One GET CLEAR goal setting Query followed by three in depth email responses per week

  • Worksheets and handouts

  • Weekly accountability

  • Detailed weekly assignments and recommendations

Curious to find out more? Have questions? I offer free sample sessions so you can get a real feel of the power of transformational coaching. Not all coaching is the same! The coaching I am trained in is a unique blending of heart-centered transformational life coaching and holistic health coaching.

Please contact me here to set up your complimentary 30 minute sample session!