Calm your Inner Critic- 3 Month Program


Do you torture yourself in indecision or get overwhelmed with negative self-statements and self-talk that drain you of energy and motivation? Do you feel unfulfilled and frustrated while seeking something more, knowing deep down that there is more to life for you (and inside of you wanting desperately to get out) but also have a chorus of voices inside of you clamoring on about what to do or not to do, keeping you down, or halting you by way of old, unworkable behavior and thought patterns? Are you in your head so much that you’ve forgotten what it feels like to lead with your heart or take new risks? If you’ve answered yes! to any (or all) of these questions, The Calm Your Inner Critic Program can work for you! This program which is mainly by email, will be a good fit for you if you want premium, in-depth coaching and personalized responses directly from me but have a tight schedule or want to get started right away without committing to a longer program (If you would like more personalized coaching time, please see my six month program!)

True transformation and healing begins not when we look at and try to “fix” isolated parts of ourselves or our lives, but when we can really see ourselves as whole first and begin integrating the parts we’ve put in the shadows.


Writing assignments, including personal narrative work, dialoging with your inner critic(s)!, and visioning exercises to activate your intuition are a few examples of tools I use to help you quiet the stubborn inner voices that get louder as you try to make forward progress in your life. My aim is to empower you to learn the deep-dive skills of getting clear within yourself and reducing the head-noise so that you can begin to trust yourself to navigate through whatever tricky life territory comes your way. Whether you want to find more clarity about a relationship, career, life direction, project or long-held dream, my The Calm Your Inner Critic Program will get you on your way to feeling more relief from the frustration of feeling stuck. The process takes time, but you will feel clearer, lighter and with more motivation about your next steps week by week.


  • Feel seen and heard for who you are and who you are becoming.

  • Learn WHY those inner critics are there and WHAT they really want for you.

  • Feel more confident as you begin to quiet and calm the inner critics (we all have them!)

  • Increased feelings of wellbeing and self-esteem by way of taking action in your life.

  • Learn tools you can take with you for life so that you know how to navigate tricky, unclear situations and tough decisions by trusting your intuition.

  • Learn to observe and dismantle negative self-statements that are distorted versions of the truth BEFORE they take over your emotions.

  • Feel relief from the blur, despair, frustration and hopelessness that can accompany harsh inner critics and voices.


  • One 60 minute session per month, by phone or in person and three in depth email responses per week.

  • Dynamic Inner Critic Dialoging work to understand and integrate what is really underneath the voices that are confusing you and keeping you stuck, confused and frustrated.

  • Worksheets and handouts that are fun and inspiring.

  • Weekly accountability so you keep moving!

  • Detailed weekly assignments and recommendations tailored just to you.

  • ONE PRIVATE YOGA SESSION per month (In-person sessions only*) - Personalized yoga to fit your experience level. Deepen your current practice, or great for beginners to yoga. Get more grounded, fit and find new freedom to move in your body in conjunction with our work in coaching. One of the best ways to get unstuck is to MOVE! Build strength, confidence, awareness and alignment as you integrate what you are learning in coaching sessions into your body.

    *Additional private Yoga sessions can be added on separately for in person clients

Curious to find out more? Have questions? I offer a free sample session so you can get a real feel of the power of transformational coaching. Not all coaching is the same! The coaching practice is a unique blending of heart-centered transformational life coaching and holistic health coaching. I am trained in the YogaWorks methodology and style of yoga which focuses on alignment, strength and body awareness. Rather than examining flaws, mistakes or what is wrong, I coach and teach my clients and students with the fundamental belief that we all are essentially whole, resourceful and possess the power to change our lives.

Please contact me here for pricing and to set up your complimentary 30 minute sample session!