Letter to Past Self


At a point in the not too distant future, you will long for and possibly grieve the moments and the times of your life that have now passed, even when it seemed they were too difficult, painful and challenging. They were a part of you and your process of growing.

Take time to appreciate all of the parts and the moments. Time moves quickly and soon what you have grown to know will change, and change again. You will lose many things by way of time and change even as you are working toward progress. In your younger years, time feels infinite and also the periods of misery and struggle over making big decisions can seem never ending. It’s when you are older with more experiences behind you that you will see all of the moments, what you did have (instead of the lack) and where you were trying to flee or change yourself or life rather than being very present in moments.

You may not yet have the wisdom or perspective or patience to enjoy all of the goods put before you. You don’t yet have a clear grasp on the reality of how temporary everything is. You may be looking for something better or more comfortable all of the time, never satisfied with now. You are constantly in fear or worry that you are missing out on something more, comparing yourself to others or that if you make a decision, it will be the wrong one.

Could you be creating undue misery by looking and waiting for something that you may already have? Waiting for some future point where life will truly begin once you get passed this? When will you finally say YES to living fully?

Your life happens and is created in all the moments, good bad, ugly, beautiful and everything in between - so what happiness could you be missing out on now by trying to escape or flee some of the less comfortable parts - missing the beauty that is right before you today?